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A step by step guide to care for synthetic hair.



Whilst not wearing your synthetic wig or hairpiece we recommend it is stored on a wig stand to help maintain shape and style.

We recommend brushing your synthetic hair wig or hairpiece with the Chiquel brush starting at the very ends and working up towards the mid-lengths. Do not use force on bases as this could cause damage. Hair can tangle simply due to friction and wear throughout the day. Knots not detangled could cause damage or cause hair to shed. For curls, we recommend brushing each section of curl and twisting into a curl.



Chiquel recommends washing synthetic wigs and hairpieces with synthetic shampoo and conditioner, every 7 -14 full daily wears. Depending on contributing factors like exercise, climate and lengths of time wearing the hairpieces this may vary from client to client. 

Please remove all hair from the clips underneath and detangle all knots from synthetic wig or hairpiece prior to washing as detangling knots in wet hair can cause damage to the hair and base constructions.

To wash fill a cold basin of water with enough water to completely cover the hair. Add the shampoo to the water and swish around.

Completely submerge the wig or hairpiece and allow to soak for 3-5 minutes. Do not rub.

Rinse all of the shampoo out under running cold water allowing the hair to fall in the right direction.

Pat dry the excess water with a towel. Do not twist or wring. Place the wig or hairpiece on the wig stand and spray the leave-in conditioner evenly on the damp hair and leave to air dry overnight.

Styling for non-heat synthetic wigs and hairpieces can only be done with a brush.

For heat synthetic hairpieces and wigs they can be air dried after washing then hot styling tools up to 180 degrees only.

For curly wigs and hairpieces conditioner can be sprayed throughout and scrunched in to enhance the curl.



Over timepieces can become frizzy or matted especially towards the nape of the hairline, with wear and tear. this is due to the fibre and friction. We do offer cutting services at chiquel to trim the excess off.