Simplicity Mono Synthetic Wig by Jon Renau

simplicity mono

Jon Renau


Simplicity Mono by Jon Renau wig is a stylish designed boy cut to smooth and elegant, craft your own look with this short pixie wig. Its endless versatility comes from the monofilament top construction. Creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted, by each hair individually hand tied to the cap.

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jon renau colours 10 light brown 10/22TT light brown & light blonde blend w/light brown nape 10/26TT light brown & medium red-golden blonde w/ light brown nape 101F48T soft white front, light brown w/ 75% grey w/ soft white tips 10RH16 light brown w/ 33% light natural blonde highlights 12 light golden brown 12/30BT light golden brown & medium red golden blend w/ medium red golden tips 14/24 medium natural - ash blonde & lt natural blonde blend 16/22 light natural blonde & light ash blonde blend 18/22 dark natural ash blonde & light ash blonde blend 2 black/brown blend 24B22 light golden blonde & light ash blonde blend 24BT18 dark natural ash blonde & light golden blonde blend w/ light golden blonde tips 27MBF dark red golden blonde w/ medium red nape 27T613F medium red gold blonde & pale natural gold blonde w/ pale tips & medium red gold blonde nape 30A medium natural red blonde / brown 32BF medium natural red base w/ medium red gold blonde tips, dark / medium red nape 33 medium natural red 34 dark brown w/ 5% pure white 38 medium brown w/ 35% light grey 39F38 light natural ash brown w/ 75% greyf ront graduating to medium brown w/ 35%grey nape 4 dark brown 4/33 dark brown & medium red blend 44 pure white w/ 35% dark natural brown 48 pure white w/ 25% light golden blend 51 light grey w/ 30% dark brown 51F44 light grey w/ 30% brown front graduating to dark brown w/ 65% grey nape 54 light grey w/ 25% medium golden blonde 56 light grey w/ 20% medium brown 56F51light grey w/ 20% medium brown front graduating to grey w/ 30% medium brown nape 59 pure white w/ 5% dark brown 6 brown 6/33 brown & medium red blend 60 pure white 6RH12 brown w/ 33% lt golden brown highlights 8 medium brown 8/30 medium brown & medium red-golden blend 8F16 medium brown w/ light blonde highlights 8RH14 medium brown w/ 33% medium blonde highlights 92 pure white w/ 5% medium brown front grey w/ 30% med brown midle, dark brown w/ 65% grey nape FS24/32 medium natural red w/ natural blonde bold highlights FS26/31medium natural red brown w/ medium red golden blonde bold highlights FS27 medium red-gold blonde w/ golden blonde bold highlights FS613/24B golden blonde w/ pale golden bold highlights
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