Synthetic Wigs

logan| 7 Colours


Logan – Amore by Rene of Paris Synthetic Wig is an adorable unisex style that has a tapered


miley| 6 Colours


Miley by Amore is a lovable children’s style that has a soft side swept fringe and sweet shoulder


zoe| 4 Colours

The Zoe by Ellen Wille children's wig, is a cheeky short hair look- for agile girls.


How our wigs differ from the rest

Synthetic wigs and hair extensions are popular for a number of reasons, namely because they are the less expensive alternative while still offering beautiful, long-lasting results. Technology is now so advanced that synthetic hair can be almost impossible to tell apart from a person’s natural locks. Unlike human hair productssynthetic doesn’t lose its style and simply returns back to shape after each wash without restyling. This is ideal for people who simply want a less maintanence. Additionally, the range of colours and highlights we offer allow our customers in Australia to purchase synthetic wigs that match any skin tone, style or preference they might have. Stocking some of the top artificial products, such as Rene of Paris wigs, you can feel confident that no matter what you’re looking for, we have the style to match your needs

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