ballerina bun

Ballerina Bun – Revlon, The Ballerina Bun synthetic hairpiece by Revlon is an easy addition for an elegant look. Simply comb or tease for a trendy top knot or sleek chignon. This piece features a soft flexible dome base with a wire comb and drawstring to secure in place.


big twist

Big Twist – Revlon Hairpieces, The Big Twist hairpiece from Revlon is a bundle of short, tight curls on attached on an elastic hair wrap. Easy to apply.


casual do wrap

Casual Do Wrap – Hairdo This hair wrap features alternating hair lengths and barely curled fiber that is wrapped around an elastic band. The Curly Do wrap can be worn informally around a ponytail or elegantly around a bun. Wear it high on the head, low at the nape, or off to the side for a fun, flirty look.

Thanks to the Tru2Life heat friendly fiber, this versatile piece can be curled or straightened depending on the style you want.


colour splash hair wrap

Colour Splash Hair Wrap by Hair Do – Put some spunk in your wrap with our new Color Splash Wrap by hairdo! Choose from your natural hair tone bursting with highlighted and dip-dyed ends. Just wrap and go for an instant fab look that is right on trend.


fun bun

Fun Bun – by Easi Hair Synthetic Hairpiece is a synthetic blend hair wrap with an elasticated band easily attaching to pulled up hair to create instant volume, texture and style. Our hairwraps will transform your look in seconds. It’s that easy!



Funky – by Jon Renau Synthetic Hairpiece is a curly ponytail wrap that adds an elegant accent to any bun or ponytail.



Gin – Ellen Wille Synthetic Hairpiece is a curly hair filler with an elastic hair band for easy attachment.


glam wrap

The Glam Wrap synthetic hairpiece by Revlon is perfect for an elegant updo. Simply twist and wrap! It instantly turns everyday hair into a glamorous updo.


glamour chignon

Glamour Chignon – Hairdo is attached by an easy clip in comb into your existing bun/ponytail. Instant glamour.



Grog – Ellen Wille Synthetic Hairpiece is an elastic wrap attachment with a whispy hair texture design. Easily attached this piece will add instant body and length.


highlight wrap

Highlight Wrap – Hairdo – For an effortless updo, the Hairdo Highlight Wrap boasts subtle, contrasting colours and lengths (from 3¼” – 6″) for a tousled look that easily goes from everyday chic to full-on fanciful.


it look

It Look – Annica Hansen Synthetic Hairpiece is a synthetic Hair bun which attaches easily to your own natural hair giving volume and texture. Styling is now made easy.



Magnetic – by Easi Hair Synthetic Hairpiece is set with a comb-mounted bendable arms that adds a feisty fringe of curly hair to your up dos.



Mimic – by Easi Hair Synthetic Hairpiece Bun is a curly ponytail elastic wrap, that adds an elegant accent to any bun or ponytail.


Modern Chignon

Modern Chignon by Hairdo is an easy-to-attach, loose chignon-style hairpiece that features softly waved hair with alternate hair lengths of 5″ to 6″ on a contoured bear-claw clip.

The bear-claw clip attachment has been specially designed to work easily with your own hair for a soft, loose chignon effect. In addition, because it’s made with heat-friendly Tru2Life synthetic hair, this piece can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools to blend seamlessly with your own hair’s texture. Just pull your hair back into a bun or pony tail at the nape, slip the bear claw clip over your hair, and you have a fashionable style that’s as individual as you are!


natural tone hair wrap

Natural Tone Hair Wrap by Christie Brinkley is the easiest way to put shoulder length or longer hair 
in a casual yet elegant chignon or bun. It instantly makes messy hair look finished and the subtle highlights look beautifully natural.



Pinot – Ellen Wille Synthetic Hairpiece Bun is attached easily by to clips to clip into exciting hair. Made with soft waves for added volume and height toe natural hair.



Playful – By EasiHair Synthetic Hair Bun by Jon Renau Playful hairpiece is a curly ponytail wrap that adds an elegant accent to any bun or ponytail.



Rum – Ellen Wille Power Pieces – Synthetic Hair Bun is a beautiful wrap around scrunchie hairpiece, that adds volume style to your natural hair. Rum is from the Ellen Wille Power Piece collection from Europe



Sherry – Ellen Wille Synthetic Hairpiece creates more volume in an instant, with this beautiful curled hair enhancement! Easy attached with clips.



Soda – Ellen Wille Synthetic Hairpiece Bun is a short, voluminous hair piece that makes creating your perfect hairstyle easier than ever! Attach Soda into your natural hair using the claw clip. Soda measures 5″ and made from Ellen Wille premium synthetic fiber that makes maintenance easy! Soda is part of the Ellen Wille Power Pieces! Collection.


spiky clip

Spiky Clip by Hairdo will make an instant impact with this textured hairpiece that easily clips in for a look that’s equal parts playful and punky. Spiky Clip attaches to your hair via a secure three-pronged clip for a natural look.


style a do/mini do duo pack

Style a Do Mini Do – Hair Do is designed to be worn alone or together, the Hairdo Style-A-Do / Mini-Do hair wrap duo turns everyday hair into something special in an instant.

Whether wrapped around a high or low bun the look is all elegant sophistication. And so easy… no one would ever guess!



The Swirlz hairpiece from Revlon is a creative updo to transform your average hairdo. This stylish updo features tight and loose spiral curls mixed onto an elastic hair wrap. It gives you the power to create a stunning updo for everyday wear or special events. * The model in the picture is shown wearing two Swirlz wraps we highly recommend to do this for the added volume.


twirl ups

The Twirl Ups Synthetic Hairpiece by Revlon easily clips to natural hair. Simply gather hair into bun, attach comb at base and twirl hair pieces around bun for a effortless updo.



The Twist hairpiece from Revlon is a sophisticated and elegant updo. This classy updo features an array of short, loose curls on an elastic hair wrap for quick and simple application. Easy attached for volume and curls.


updo curls

The Updo Curls Magic Comb synthetic hairpiece by Raquel Welch is the perfect addition to short or fine hair. Even if your hair is ultra-fine, this remarkably innovative hairpiece can be secured and hidden so that nobody knows it’s there. These beautiful curls allow you to create the appearance of long, lush hair swept away from your face.



Whimsy by Raquel Welch is a clever little piece for adding volume where needed that attaches easily with two pressure sensitive clips.


wrap n wear bun

Wrap n Wear Bun – Revlon – Easily attached to your existing hair for added volume and texture.


Find the best hairpiece to suit you

Chiquel hairpieces are perfect for adding volume while concealing thinning hair in the crown area. With a variety of looks and functions our pieces are guaranteed to enhance any overarching aesthetic you require. We can also help you in a range of other areas including hair care, lashes and hair extensions. Whether you’re looking to improve your natural look or undergo a complete transformation, Chiquel can help you.