croc clip

These Double-Hinge Croc Clips have a much wider bite than a traditional croc clip, making it easy to section large sections of hair. A styling essential for a perfect hair outcome.


crocodile clip

Crocodile Clips can be used to secure away your individual sections when placing your Hair Extensions or hairpieces in.


duo tracing pencil

The Duo Tracing Pencil  helps you to accurately customize or attach a hairpiece. You can use the pencil to mark where you would like your piece to attach on your scalp, or to be used around excess lace which needs to be trimmed down.


elastic band

Showpony Elastic Bands are a tough non stick elastic that can be used to make small pony tails to secure the Clip in Hair Extensions to the clients hair to avoid slippage.


headline it reduce sweat

An essential product for any wig wearer. The individually wrapped packages are small enough to take with you anywhere and discretely packaged for your convenience.

The nude back layer, is great for camouflaging the liner under wigs and head wear. The unique combination of micro-fiber materials are engineered specifically for your needs to stay dry and comfortable. The moisture transport system quickly draws perspiration away from the skin, wicking it into the transport layer.




jaw comb

The Jon Renau Jaw Comb is great to use for holding hair up while styling.



Pinking Shears can be used to trim any lace front wig. They feature a sawtooth pattern, which creates a more natural look while also preventing fraying.


T Pins 10 pack

T Pins to secure your wig or hairpiece to a canvas block for easy styling.


wig stand plastic

Perfect for drying, storage or travel this stand keeps the wig fresh and ready to wear. Ideal for air drying. Made of lightweight plastic and snaps apart and lays flat ideal for traveling.


wig steamer

A customized steamer specifically for use with alternative hair systems and wigs. The nozzle allows you to direct the steam in the exact places you need it, instead of billowing out steam in all directions, as traditional clothing steamers do.

A steamer is a useful tool for any alternative hair stylist working with synthetic and/or high heat fibers. The steam allows you to change curl pattern, hair direction, partings, as well as smooth “friction frizz” caused by wear over time. Since synthetic fibers cannot have “dry heat” applied (i.e. curling irons, flat irons, etc.) steamers give you all the styling options you may need without damaging the fiber.


wig wand eliminates shine

Finally a product that addresses the issue of unnatural shine- common in synthetic wig, hairpieces and hair extensions. The wig wand magically eliminates shine from synthetic hair.


wire wig stand

Perfect for drying, storage or travel this stand keeps a wig fresh and ready to wear.  Allows air to circulate for quick drying.