braid band

Braid Band – Ellen Wille Synthetic Hairpiece is ideal for an elegant touch to any day hair wear. Also can be used for a headband. Available in several intense colours. Simply romantic!



The Colada hairpiece is a synthetic headband design falling to a long length design. This gorgeous hairpiece is super trendy! It is a sleek layered hairpiece which has been attached to a velcro band so that it can be attached to the two interchangeable hairbands.


corinthian headband

Corinthian Headband by Christie Brinkley has super stylish details for a unique and polished look. Add a “twist” and dress up your look in seconds!


fishtail headband

The classic headband gets a totally modern update with a popular fishtail braid pattern. Match your shade or go for the look of a contrasting tone. A strong and stretchy elastic band means one size fits all. Match your shade or choose a contrasting tone. Hair2wear’s special synthetic hair features hand-blended colors for the most natural-looking hair around. A small no-slip strip holds your headband in place, and an adjustable elasticized band ensures a perfect fit.


french braid band

French Braid Band by Hairdo adds a finishing touch with a braided band thats as much fashion accessory as it is hair accessory. Effortlessly chic, the Hairdo French Braid Band attaches in an instant. What better way to add cachet?



Impulsive – by Easi Hair Synthetic Headband is a curly defined piece falling at mid-length this 3/4-wig is secured on a black suede headband. Easily attached for instant volume and length.



Luscious – by Easi Hair Synthetic Headband Hairpiece is a romantic wavy piece falling at mid-length this 3/4-wig is secured on a black suede band. Easily attached for instant volume and length.


mint halo

The Mint halo hairpiece is as fresh as peppermint: Layered halo for the fringe and nape with a “look here” guarantee! * please note head wear not included


thick braid headband

Thick Braid Headband by Christie Brinkley is a thick braided headband that dresses
 up or down your look in an instant. It makes 
the ultimate statement with a minimum investment. Match your shade or choose a contrasting tone. You can also wear it with a thinner Christie Brinkley braid. The strong and stretchy elastic band is adjustable fits all.


Find the best hairpiece to suit you

Chiquel hairpieces are perfect for adding volume while concealing thinning hair in the crown area. With a variety of looks and functions our pieces are guaranteed to enhance any overarching aesthetic you require. We can also help you in a range of other areas including hair care, lashes and hair extensions. Whether you’re looking to improve your natural look or undergo a complete transformation, Chiquel can help you.