Instantaneously Transform Your Hair With A Collection Of Wigs, Hairpieces, Extensions, And Products From The Great Metropolises Of Fashion Paris, Germany, London, New York And Milan..

Our highly skilled craftsmen use gentle proprietary processing techniques to deliver the highest standards of design for synthetic and human hair wigs. Easy to wear with lightweight construction bases, our exquisite craftsmanship creates the ideal piece for each individual desire for both medical and fashion clientele.

With an emphasis on a natural look, the sophisticated design of our wigs and extensions allow you to create gorgeous and elaborate hairstyles that would be impossible to achieve without added hair. They are available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your personal look.

Our range includes synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, children wigs, custom human or synthetic hair extensions (both permanent and clip-in), custom-designed top hairpieces, costume wigs, men toupee, ponytails and fringes.

Chiquel offers a suite of wig services at our relaxed, private fitting areas in our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms.

These include cut, colour and styling. We also provide maintenance products and wig accessories. View our contact page for all enquiries.
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